Laboratory of Applied Biochemistry



Head of the Laboratory: Vladimir P. Golubovich

D. Sc. (biology), professor


phone: +375 (17) 3698272, 3626272

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About the Laboratory

Established in 2001.
Personnel: 13 researches including 1 D.Sc. and 4 Ph.D.

Research directions

  • Fundamental and applied research in the fields of bioorganic chemistry, biochemistry and molecular biology of peptide compounds, study of structure and function of low molecular weight bioregulators of peptide nature
  • Development of methods for chemical synthesis of biologically active peptide compounds, possessing antithrombotic, antiaggregatory, immunobiological activity, etc.
  • Creating a theoretical basis and software for modeling the structure of proteins and peptides. Quantum chemical modeling of peptide elicitor molecules and their analogs in order to find compounds with elicitor activity
  • Development and production of hemosorbents for application in efferent medicine.

Main achievements and developments

  • Development and approbation of new simulation method for protein molecule surface for binding site structure determination. A series of synthesized peptides which were predicted on the basis of computer modeling the binding sites of regulatory proteins (protein A, TNF-alpha receptor, apolipoproteins) proved to have properties of functional analogs of these proteins
  • Synthesis of tripeptide Arg-Gly-Asp analogs possessing an antiaggregative activity
  • Synthesis of new caspase  substrates and inhibitors which can be used for monitoring and regulation of apoptose
  • Synthesis of oligopeptide analogs of vasopressin and oxytocine with nootropic and antidepressant activity.
  • Development, production and introduction into clinical   practice   of   hemosorbents   Hemo-Proteazsorb, Anti-IgE-Hemo, LPS-Hemo, Antilipoproteid, Nucleosorb for use in efferent medicine
  • Creation of an original learning and memory stimulator based on tetra-peptide (in co-operation with RUPE "Belmedpreparaty").

Selected publications

  1. Martinovich V.P., Golubovich V.P., Gribovskaya O.V., Yanchenko V.V., Yanchenko A.V. Synthesis of heptapeptide fragment of a high-affinity FC receptor of immunoglobulin E which binds antibodies of the E class. // Proceed. Nat. Acad. Sci. Bel., Ser. Chem. Sci. (Rus). - 2018, no. 1, P.55-64.
  2. Sokolov, Yu.A. Prediction of the biological activity of compounds using quantum chemical methods. // Minsk, Belaruskaya navuka (Rus). - 2008, 311 p.
  3. Vvedensky D.V., Kirkovsky V.V., Golubovich V.P., Gapanovich V.N., Starostin A.V., Makarevich D.A. Clinical efficacy of biospecific hemosorbent "Liposorb". // Vestnik Rossiiskoi Akademii Med. Nauk (Rus). - 2009, no. 10, P.40-43.
  4. Sokolov Yu.A. Elicitors and their use in crop production. // Minsk, Belaruskaya Navuka (RUS). - 2016, 201 p.











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