Institute of Bioorganic Chemistry was founded in 1974.
There are 283 employees in the institute, among them there are 167 scientists, 11 Doctors of Science
(2 real members of NAS and 3 corresponding members of NAS) and 51 PhD's.



The main activities:


  • Fundamental and applied research in the field of chemistry, structure and function of biopolymers and low molecular weight bioregulators, including proteins, nucleic acids and their components, phospholipids, steroids, prostaglandins, brassinosteroids, ecdysteroids.
  • The development and trial production of immunochemical and molecular biological reagent kits for medical and veterinary diagnostics.
  • Development and production of pharmaceutical substances, hormones and biospecific hemosorbents.
  • Development of technologies for the production and use of plant growth stimulants and plant protectors.














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