Laboratory Of Toxicology



Head of the laboratory - Roman D. Zilberman, senior researcher.


Tel.: +375 (17) 3934384

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About The Lab

The Laboratory was established on 28 Feb. 2013 as a result of the reorganization of the Department of Behavioral Pharmacology of the Institute of Bioorganic Chemistry of the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus.

At present, we have 7 members including one postdoctoral fellow.


Research Fields

  • Pre-clinical development of pharmaceutical products in order to predict the side and toxic effects, determination of a product's ultimate safety profile. Establishing the nature and severity of the damaging effects of substances and drugs on laboratory animals.
  • Assessment of systemic toxicity of substances and finished dosage forms in toxicological experiment. Test of acute and chronic toxicity in small laboratory animals (mouse , rat ), and rabbits.
  • Experimental evaluation of antitumor efficacy and toxicity of oncolytic agents and their dosage forms based on anthracycline antibiotics and oligopeptides.
  • Development of the innovative medicines on the basis of natural and synthetic raw materials.


The laboratory is equipped with modern scientific equipment, ensuring the execution of all necessary studies in strict accordance with national GLP standard.

  • ECG “Poly-Spectrum-8/B” (Russia);
  • Hemocoagulometer “SOLAR CT 2410” (Belarus);
  • Hematological Analyzer “SYSMEX KX-21N” (Japan);


  • Spectrofluorimeter “SOLAR CM 2203” (Belarus);


  • Urine analyzer “Uriscan PRO II” (Korea);
  • Microscope “Leica DM 2500” (Germany);


  • Digital plethysmometer “LE 7500” (Italy);
  • The metabolic chamber (Russia), for urine collection;
  • Installation for euthanasia of animals (Russia);
  • "Open Field" (Russia) - the study of the behavior of laboratory animals.

Main Results

Preclinical study of toxicity and safety :

  1. Food supplements: "Mentum", "Nootritsin" and "Tomatogenin";
  2. The drug: "Anticough powder";
  3. The substance and dosage form of a phytopreparation with sedative properties, that is an analogue of the Persen;
  4. FDF of a complex antacid based on a sodium alginate;
  5. Pre-clinical study of specific activity, toxicity and safety of baby food made of fruits and vegetables;
  6. Pre-clinical researches for foreign research and production organizations.



Biological testing of potential medicinal products, medicinal plants, drugs, and food supplements

  • General toxicity, cytotoxicity, neuro-, immune- and reproductive toxicity, mutagenicity and carcinogenicity, allergenic effects
  • Influence on cardiovascular system; hematologic, biochemical, pharmacokinetic, immunological, and antitumor studies
  • Neuropsychiatric studies: influence on memory and learnability (associative and nonassociative learning), on the level of basic and situational anxiety (anxiolytic action), on circadian rhythms of activity, on physical performance; studying a sedative or activating effect (using the method of actometry), antidepressant action - Porsolt test.

The contact person: Roman D. Zilberman
Phone: +375 (17) 3934384
E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Some Last Publications


1. Dubovik B.V., Pokachaylo L.I., Neronia A.M., Nasek V.M., Zhukov I.A. “Grippomiks”: preclinical study of specific pharmacological activity of the drug // “Retsept” - 2013 . - T. 88 ., № 2 . – p. 100-108. (In Russian)
2. Nasek V.M., Sanko-Schislenok E.V., Davydov V.Y., Vinnikova O.V., Zhukova V.M., Ponteleeva I.V. “Study of toxic effects and biodistribution of doksorubitsin colloidal systems // “New Wave in Medicine” : Abstracts of the International Forum of physicians. - 2013 - Riga, 2013 . - p. 43-44. (In Russian)
3. Kravchenko E.V, Nasek V.M., Ponteleeva I.V., Mazhar M.V., Sholomitskaya E.J., Zhukov I.A., Sanko E.V., Veselukha O.V., Nekhay A.S. Shafranovskaya E.V., Zhebrakova I.V. “Preclinical studies of pharmacological activity and safety of phytopreparation " Ratsium” // Exper. and Clin. Pharmacology,- 2012 . - T. 75, № 8. - p. 21-24 (In Russian)
4. Shylo O.L., Gromov I.A., Nasek V.M. “Preclinical studies of child nutrition preventive appointment //”Food Industry: Science and Technology” - 2011. - № 3 (13). - p.75 -80. (In Russian)












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