Laboratory of Pharmaceutical Testing


Head ol the Laboratory: Petr T. Petrov
Ph.D. (chemistry)
Laureate of State Prize of Republic of Belarus


Phone: +375 (17) 3257772,
E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.







About the Laboratory

Established in 2011.
Personnel: 4 researchers including 1 Ph.D.

Research directions

Pharmaceutical development of original and generic medicines and biocorrectors:

  • Study of physico-chemical, chemico-pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical properties of active pharmaceutical ingredients (API) and medicinal preparations (MP)
  • Stability investigation of API and MP
  • Study of degradation products and extraneous contaminants in API and MP
  • Development and improvement of quality control methods for API and MP
  • Validation of analytical methods
  • Monitoring of medicine registration
  • Scientific support of pilot production and the first batches of medicines.

Main achievements and developments

Development and introduction into production and medical practice of a number of medicines: antiviral agent Flustop, gepatoprotektor Ursaklin, antitumor drug Imatinib, sedative preparation Ratsium, antacid antireflux agent Alginomax, herbal preparation Patrinia, enteral nutrition Provikam, vitamin and mineral complex Univit including Univit Eve Cardio, Univit Teenager, Univit Bioenergy, Univit Mineral, therapeutic and diagnostic tools Forzhet and D-Forzhekt.


Pharmacological and pharmaceutical study.

Selected publications

  1. Nasek V.M., Petrov P.T., Vinnikova O.V., Sanko-Chiscilenok E.V., Makarenko M.V. Preclinical toxicological studies of the new antireflux drug "Alginomax". // Vestnik of pharmacy (Rus) - 2016., no. 4, P.74.
  2. Samtsov M.P., Petrov P.T., Tarasov D.S., Kaplevsky K.N., Voropay E.S. Fluorescence diagnostics of tumor tissue damage at PDT with photosensitizer "Fotolon". // Zhurn. Pricl. Spectrosc. (Rus.) - 2016, V. 83, no. 1, P.89-95.
  3. Lugovski A.A., Samtsov M.P., Kaplevsky K.N., Narasau D., Voropay E.S., Petrov P.T. Novel indotricarbocyanine dyes covalently bonded to polyethylene glycol for theranostics. // Journ. Photochem. Photobiol. A: Chemistry. - 2016, P.316.
  4. Petrov P.T., Demid D.I., Zhukova I.A., Sanko-Sislenok E.V., Nasek V.M. Sedative properties of Patrinia intermedia of Belarusian introduction. // Vestnik of pharmacy (Rus.) - 2015, no. 4, P.86-92.

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