Laboratory of Pesticide Chemistry and Testing



Head of the Laboratory: Violetta M Goncharuk
PhD (agricultural sciences)


phone: +375 (17) 369-75-78, 375-75-78

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About the Laboratory

Established in 2013.

Personnel: 6 researchers including 4 Ph.D.

Research directions

  • Search for new efficient chemical crop protecting and crop yield enhancing agents including preparations for optimizing the development of ornamental plants
  • Chemical synthesis of steroid derivatives for testing as plant protecting and antifungal substances
  • New technologies and formulations for agricultural preparations: insecticides, herbicides, fungicides.

Main achievements and developments

  1. Technologies for herbicides "Shkval" and "Taifun", insecticides "Vitan" and "Kerber", fungicides "Echion" and "Laert" are developed and employed by industry. The pesticides are widely used in agriculture.
  2. A multicomponent preparation "Fitovital" for crop enhancing.
  3. Formulation   based  on  the  synthetic sex pheromone of codling moth LP-U for control of the main apple orchard pest - codling moth.

Selected publications

  1. Bulavina T.M., Drobydko I.E., Byshtevich V.N., Goncharuk V.M. Application of growth regulator "Fitovial" in the cultivation of triticale. // Agriculture and Crop Protection (Rus.) - 2016, no. 3, P.7-I0.
  2. Goncharuk V.M., Lakchvich F.A., Dolgova E.L., Bulavina T.M., Bulavin L.A., Apresyan O.G., Leonov F.N., Bogyshevich P.T. Application of plant growth regulator in crop cultivation. // Collection of scientific papers "Agriculture - Problems and Prospects" (Rus.) — 2017, P.54-67.
  3. Bulavin L.A., Gvozdov A.P., Dolgova E.L., Belanovskaya M.A., Gedrovich C.V., Kchankevich V.A., Krancevich V.D., Goncharuk V.M. Effect of growth regulator "Fitovial" on crop yield and quality of spring wheat. // Collection of scientific papers "Arial Farming and Selection in Belarus" (Rus.) - 2017, V.3, P.176-180.
  4. Dolgopalets V.l., Shkel LP., Grabovets A.A., Gilep A.A., Chernov Yu.G. Study of biological activity of 7-substituted 19 nortestosteroids. // Proceed. Nat. Acad. Sci. Bel., Ser. Chem. Sci. (Rus.) - 2018, no. 1, p.55-64.
  5. Potkin V.l., Kletskov A.V., Zubenko Yu.S., Dikusar E.A., Petkevich S.K., Zvereva T.D., Zolotar R.M., Chepik O.P. Synthesis of containing an isothiazole heterocycle vanillin derivatives and their enhancing effect in compositions with insecticides // Doklady Nat. Acad. Sci. Bel. (Rus.) - 2013, V.57, no. 3, P.76-83.


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